Milestones of modern water technology


The Best Water Technology Group was founded in 1990 and is now Europe’s leading water technology company. BWT owes its prominent position to a plethora of revolutionary inventions, products and processes, setting new standards of efficiency and eco-friendliness in water treatment technology.


The most important technological milestones in the company’s history are as follows:



BWT sets new standards for safe drinking water with its world-first E1 single lever filter. Its revolutionary technology makes it possible to replace the filter in a matter of seconds.
Mg2+ technology/silver-free – 100% silver-free water with magnesium-enriched Bestmax BALANCE – a new generation of filters for the most reliable protection against corrosion, and for providing the best quality coffee. Rondomat Duo H – the first large-scale water softener incorporates the new inorganic ion exchanger resin HionEx, guaranteeing the highest hygiene and safety standards. 


Triple D – the easy-to-use chlorine granulate-metering system for commercial pools. OsmoVision is a new ultrapure water system offering continuous sanitisation


BWT’s patented, innovative Mg2+ technology revolutionises the established method for filtering drinking water.
The result is fine-tasting, mineralised water.

fumaGen CIP System


2010 BWT launches the world’s first anti-arsenic table water filter, using a unique cation exchanger fleece



BWT launches the new Professional water optimisation Point of Use Programme for coffee machines, vending equipment, baking ovens and steamers.
New softening technology with intelligent regeneration and precision mineralisation: AQA life, AQA smart, AQA solar. 

2008 SANISAL is the world’s first regeneration salt for softening systems. It disinfects at the same time


2007 The BWT AQA perla, an alternately-operated soft water system, sets new hygiene, comfort and environmental standards for water softening.
New limescale protection technology - AQA perla and AQA total Energy



fumapem® S carbon membrane for direct stationary methanol fuel cells.

The Hydrokat sets new safety standards with catalytic combustion of hydrogen and oxygen in electrolysis, electrodialysis and electrodeionisation.

The Reaxan drinking water disinfection system uses the Reaxan process, developed by BWT for legionella prophylaxis and for eradicating legionella in contaminated cold and hot water systems. This process introduces chlorine dioxide into the drinking water, which destroys legionella and other bacteria. The chemical also removes biofilm from pipe systems.

SEPTRON® Biosafe, chemical-free, continuous demineralisation with integrated ultrafiltration



PairOX, chemical-free disinfection of humidifiers.
AQA total Energy, alternative limescale and corrosion protection.
Highly effective solutions, using BWT’s innovative filter media, are available for the filtration of heavy metals, such as arsenic, lead, iron, radium, thallium or uranium, as well as for the removal of fluoride. With MDA (manganese ocide activation) and Biox processes (biological removal of manganese using manganocenes) an effective method of removing manganese has been developed. This is particularly useful in the treatment of mineral water.


2004  fumapen® High temperature membranes for direct fuel cells.
The Coolzon disinfection system reduces the pathogens in water cooling systems.



BWT develops a way of eradicating of legionella from drinking water.

B-Safe: ultrafiltration, comprising hollow-fibre membranes, is used at the drinking water tapping point (‘point of use’). 

2002 fumion® F perfluorinated polymers for low temperature fuel cells.


2001 AQA total Plus filter systems with PN 18 for alternative limescale and corrosion protection


1999 Teilstrom O3 process for removing manganese from mineral water.



BWT’s bipolar technology signals a breakthrough in chemical-free limescale protection for drinking water installations. As a result of this technological innovation, all the essential minerals are retained in the water.



The development of composite membranes is the prelude to a series of internationally acclaimed milestones in fuel cell technology.



DVGW (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) testing of large-scale softeners 



With SEPTRON® BWT introduces the world’s first electrodeionisation module (EDI) with spiral winding. EDI technology enables ultrapure water to be produced from mains water quickly and safely. High quality ultrapure water, with low conductivity and microbiological purity, is used primarily in the pharmaceutical industry for the production of drugs and IV solutions and also in the biotech sector.


1988 Bipolar membrane for electrochemical dissociation of water.


1986 Duplex water softening plants.



Backwashing filter with suction ring backflushing system.  



GS (safety) certified protective filter PN 16.


1979 Quantozone method for swimming pools.


1970 Ozone method


1957 Mineral dosing apparatus